Gamification of the workspace

Making fun at work may become the future.

The term "gamification" is a neologism that designates that art to make human activities fun.

The transformation of work into game has its leaders, Dr. Byron Reeves of the Department of Communication at Stanford, David Helgason CEO of Unity, producing development tools for games.

In what areas can we already see the gamification developing?

Learning and teaching

In a world artificially recreated in 3D, employees can become familiar with their future work environment and to experiment without causing damage.
The use of games, like Sim City and simulators, like flight simulator, has long been the best way to learn in conditions close to reality.

The human body

Using Unity, the company Argosy has made a model of the human body inside which to move virtually as we can moves through a world, a way to teach anatomy to medical personnel.
A demonstration is presented on the site Visible Body.


The U.S. military uses games for some years to train soldiers. It must be said that the new way of waging war remotely with long range cameras or drones has little difference with the interface of a computer game.
The actual activity in this case becomes playful, and the Collateral Murder video, shows that it becomes easier to kill in real life than in Duke Nukem.


This is the area where one expects more development. Using tools such as Earth, augmented reality, robotics, we will inevitably transform gradually the work and reduce the difference with computer games.

Second Life has shown that a purely virtual world could give rise to a sort of real economy with land acquisition, display advertising, an area of interaction where belong real economic actors and simple players.


We see only the beginnings of the transformation of human activities into gamaes. The increased role of the computer and work on screen is reducing the difference between concrete world and simulation.
The future in a world populated by robots, remotely controlled or programmed, should give the man a role of player who will not see the difference between game characters and avatars of real people.

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