Crocodiles and alligators. Amazing photos.

Encyclopedic card: What you should know about saurians, with dramatic photos.

The fight between a crocodile and an elephant, even if it is a little animal, can not be won by the saurian. The barissements of this little elephant alerted the herd and you can guess what happened then ... Click on the image ....

Differentiating saurians

What you should know about saurians



The U-shaped muzzle is characteristic and we need to know that because crocodile is much more dangerous.

Crocodile used as mounting

This photo was taken in 1920. Should we conclude that we can allow children to play with saurians? It should especially be ensured that the muzzle is firmly attached.

African crocodile

Villagers pose in front of a photo of a crocodile over 5 meters killed by a hunter called to the rescue after it killed people.

Crocodile vs. hippopotamus

How hippos can they coexist with crocodiles? In fact this is not an easy prey to the crocodile, it can inflict damage unlike all other animals on which it feeds. The young are more easily victims, why crocodiles are greeted rudely by the group, as shown on the photo. A hippopotamus can fight a large crocodile.


The cat scares the alligator

This happens in Louisiana, accustomed to the proximity of alligators, these residents entrust the care of the cat babysit. You think what you want ...

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