Matrix. How to make a hit movie ...

... when you have no imagination, you need a machine to increase cognitive abilities.

The Matrix has earned 8 times what it costed, and is considered a successful science fiction film. He made a little less than Terminator 2.

However this film, in the eyes of fans of science fiction, is not remarkable for its originality. In fact it is a collage of several books and sci-fi hit.

So here is the recipe prepared be the two directors: choose a few successful works, make a mixture of the main ideas supporting each and thus produce a scenario with a original appearance. A lesson that will keep fans mentalists.

Here is the analysis of the film and those which have inspired it...

Dune (1965)

This is the story of one who is elected, was expect for a long time and who will transform the world. His mother is a kind of mentalist with powers as "the voice", which paralyzes. The Fremen (free men) call he Muad'Dib. He trains to fight against computer opponents, which is also the case in Matrix.
This evokes a religious inspiration and the Messiah that men are waiting and who must give them salvation...
The film's hero, Neo, is the elected man who was expected and who will free men from robots. It is an anagram of Noe (Noah or Noe ), who in the Bible saves humanity from the flood.
The resistant group called Zion is a reference to Zion in the Bible and as is the character Trinity. So we can cite the Bible as another source of inspiration!

Terminator (1984)

In this series, the future world is controlled by robots who want to totally eliminate humanity. This is also the world of Matrix with the specificity that humans are used as energy source.
Terminator is a messiah too, the leader of the resistance that the robots want to eliminate through time travel. He must confront robots practically invincible.
The Matrix movie also puts into action battle against beings with extraordinary abilities.

Ubik (1969)

In this book by Philip K. Dick, men are kept in cocoons and live in a virtual world entirely. The similarity is greater with the matrix where men are living also in a virtual world without to know. The hero is outraged when a group of resisting inform him of that. He joined an expedition in the matrix, which is similar to the plot of Ubik.

Other inspirations


Matrix was released in 1999. He had two suites.
Now you know how you may gonna achieve a script for a blockbuster, even and especially if you're completely devoid of ideas.
We start by going to dip into a library ...