Emma Watson has a calculated dietary

The English actress gives us a lesson of cinema with the panegyric of all human expressions.

Emma Watson is 21 years old in 2011, and did not face the problems of overweight coming gradually with age.
However she follows a calculated diet especially useful this time she lives in the land of fast food and obesity, the United States, where she studied.

She often talks about this diet during interviews.
She discovered in the USA bagels she loves very much, but so far avoided the too easy American diet.
His father owned a vineyard in France, she knows well and appreciates the French and Spanish cuisines.

Sometimes she drinks alcohol (she did not not take vows). She drank her first glass of wine mixed with water at three.
Her advice: If you drink your first drink or your first cigarette, do it in a controlled environment.
She has the firm intention never to touch any drug, she considers useless and harmful.

The right image is a summary of all human expressions of which she gave a demonstration in a video.

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