Jessica Alba has a method to keep her shape

What is surprising is that, and it is she who says, she comes from a family of obese people.

Jessica Alba obese?

For the duration of a television, touting the merits of a diet for the stars, the "Jim-Hottie Body Miracle Diet".
She has filmed a skit where, thanks to makeup (do not worry) it appears to have 50 kg more.
See picture at right!

Her diet

Seriously, how does she manage to keep the line?
She is cooking itself which allows her to better choose her diet and that since her film debut, at the age of 12!
She takes little desserts but dried fruit, eggs and fruit often in the morning.

One of her typical daily feeding:

But the key is in the fitness room: one hour per day. It consists of treadmill, bike stalls, abdominal exercises.
She performs a series of different exercises, returning to the same devices in turn.