The nicest actors also have defects

A single gene can cause an anomaly that others will offset to a person whom all admire.

Here is a list of famous actors and actresses who have one of these physical defects, which are part of nature, which is in constant search for evolution. Such malformation can be invisible or sometimes contribute to the charm of the person. It is often the case with asymmetries such as for example the eyes of Sylvie Vartan.

Liz Taylor distichiasis

Liz Taylor: An additional row of eyelashes

Liz Taylor did not have purple eyes as is often believed, but actually dark blue eyes. Which gave this impression came from another feature, in fact a benign malformation. When she did a piece of test for a shoot at the age of 13, the director makes she out of the tray as he felt that a child should not had so outrageous make up. She had none in fact. She had a double row of eyelashes that marked the edge of her eyes, which is also the effect sought by false eyelashes.
This has added to the depth of her gaze and contributed to her success.

This genetic mutation is not uncommon, it is called distichia. It can have just an aesthetic effect or cause irritation of the eye or even an ulcer, in which case it should be removed but Liz Taylor never did because she was not embarassed.

Tom Cruise: An incisor in the center

Tom cruise et son incisive au centre

The actor is known for his membership in the Church of Scientology and for ice empathy, a non-removable smile actually accompanying a cold, icy thought, a kind of social behaviour manufactured with attention to perfection but without any foundness behind. Christian Bale said to be inspired by this aspect of Tom Cruise to create the Patrick Bateman character in the American Psycho movie.

Another feature which does not get attention until you carefully examine his photos is that he has an incisor in the middle of the mouth and the other placed on the side. This type of malformation generally occurs when a milk tooth is not replaced by an adult tooth, in which case other teeth tend to shift to fill the void, as the trees spread their branches to find the Sun.

Sharon Stone: Asymmetric breasts

Paul Verhoeven film was instead focused on her legs in Basic Instinct. The great success of the film led to a sequel that was a great flop both in terms of hearing and criticism. When Razzie Awards that awards to the worst films and actors are attributed, actors feel obligated to come on the podium, for various reasons, including surely publicity. Halle Berry has obtained one for her role in Catwoman and delivered these memorable words while receiving the questionable trophy:

I thank Warner for made me turn into such a shit. My career had need of it.

Sharon Stone was nominee (she did not however got the oscar) for something more unexpected: for the "worst screen couple" of the year, her "lop-sided breasts"! However she won the prize of the worst actress in the same film so that the two nominees also came to receive the oscar... The proponents for the occasion made fun by renaming the title of the movie from Basic Instinct 2 to Basically, It Stinks, Too.

Sharon Stone, Razzie Awards

Staron Stone as her former successes in Verhoeven's films were followed by so many bad films, some see her moving to the comic genre...

As for Megan Fox she inherited brachydactyly type D, ie the last bone of some fingers or foot fingers shorter than the normal.