Gwyneth Paltrow and obesity

Do you know that in the movie Shallow hal, she plays both the role of the thin girl and the obese?

It is difficult to recognize her in the body of a obese girl. One thing that you probably do not know is that new technologies will soon enable all women, regardless of body size, to appear thin in the eyes of men and we'll see how.

Extra large love

Even if it indulges at times doing a bit of fun of the overweighted people, we remember for example the scene in the restaurant where the chair collapses under her when she takes a bite again, the movie also wants to give a moral lesson: you have to look at the inner beauty and not focus on physical appearance.

The hero as a result of a form of hypnotism, is suddenly endowed with this ability, without any limit. He flirts with a very fat girl he sees as pretty and thin, with a problem is that he is the only one seeing this, what is the true source of comic situations of the film.

This fable could it become reality?

Thinness and beauty for all

It all starts with an algorithm to change the appearance of a person based on criteria considered to be those of beauty. The article shows an example of this transformation.

Gwyneth Paltrow and virtual glasses to be thinness

One can easily imagine that once integrated in a smartphone, by pointing the camera toward a person we get an embellished or thinned version as required. Of course this is a gadget. But will can go further.

We already can buy glasses that add augmented reality and therefore create an artificial environment from what we look at. The Vuzix company for example offers a model (shown in the photomontage below) which is coupled to a camera and a miniature computer.

The next step is the use of the algorithm by the computer to change people, whose image of the glasses will be embellished.

Hypnotism, or magical power, used in fiction will soon be imitated in the reality by technology to give beauty to all democratically.