David Murdock and his diet for longevity

Never a headache, never a bad back, proclaims David Murdock, who is 87 years old in 2011 and feels in so good shape, he wants to live beyond 120 years.

Un vieillard en forme grâce à un régime de longévité

Mr. Murdock is very rich, he is one of the 400 richest men in the USA, but so far is sticking to a sober lifestyle, and especially a very strict diet. And he wants to share it with everyone. He has built for $ 500 million a research center whose purpose is to demonstrate that a diet containing sufficient plants is enough to stay healthy and fatlesst. We need this to counter the advertisements of meat sellers and other fast-food restaurants. In fact, it is perhaps still too little.
The 539,000 m2 center has many MRI machines to study the molecular components of food, which has attracted experts who find here this engines they do no have anywhere else.
It examines the effects of food on health, against inflammation, how it provides the nutrients to the body.

Genesis of a passion

Born into a poor family and orphaned at age 17, without academic background because he was dyslexic, he made his fortune after the Second World War in buying land in Arizona and then in California, and by building cheap housing for the newcomers.
He has been married five times.

He sometimes offer money to people he met if they agree to make an effort to lose weight, which is not really a diplomat of his own, but his interlocutors often take the bet and win a lot of money by losing tens of kilos ... which will return later!

In fact it was after the death of his wife, who died at 43, succumbing to cancer, he became obsessed with the problem of good nutrition, which is known to be the best way to prevent against cancer and other deadly diseases.

He has always maintained a weight of about 70 kg, without having to count calories.

His longevity diet

To stay healthy, he has adopted from the age of 60 years, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables, it follows in a very rigorous way, for over two decades.
He eats twenty of them each day and to get more vitamins, he goes further, absorbs banana peels and crushed oranges.
He does not eat red meat, poultry, or dairy products. It is replaced by fish and seafood, egg white (not yolk), nuts and seeds such as lentils and beans.
He reduces salt and sugar as possible and does not consume alcohol at all.

Mr. Murdock has convictions. The enemy of longevity is the weight. It is in fact confirmed by statistics. He also has an original behavior. He pointed out in restaurants by asking servers to take away all the instruments of evil that are salt, butter, sugar pots. He never put it in his coffee. But since he does not refuse a chocolate cake, sugar is replaced with honey.

If you ever meet Mr. Murdock in California, and he sees you afflicted with overweight or eating poorly, it does bother you by noting that you will die before him.
And in fact he will probably and unfortunately (for you) be right...