What is the origin of the Apple logo?

The company logo represents an apple with a bite taken out of it. Why this symbol has it been chosen?

Two theories are issued, including one with a historical basis.

Apple and the Beatles

Steve Jobs was a fan of apples. During a period of his youth and before the creation of Apple Inc., it was eating only apples!

Furthermore, the founders of Apple, Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak were Beatles fan, whose production company is called Apple  Corps. The apple bite taken out of it appears elsewhere on the last album the group as a symbol of the end of the adventure.

The first logo of the firm alluded to Newton, the second proposed logo was a black apple.
This logo was designed by Rob Janoff at the request of Steve Jobs. He drew a black apple and it was started not to confuse it with a tomato. (See ref). But Steve Job had insisted to adds color.

The stripes of colors wanted to show the graphic capabilities of the Apple II with a color display, while competitors computers (TRS-80 and Commodore) had a monochrome display.

The fourth logo showed shades of blue, and the last went to shades of chrome.


The Turing hypothesis

Alan Turing was a pioneer of computer science and was a homosexual. Obsessed with the Snow White character, he looked 70 times a film telling the story.
Having decided to end his days, he coated cyanide an apple and crunched it. The apple with a bite taken of it would be a tribute to Turing and colors of the rainbow a symbol of gays.

Although this idea has spread on the Web, it would be a tribute rather curious as to refer to the procedure used by the person to commit suicide! It would not be more logical to refer to the end of the Beatles.

Several concrete things disprove the hypothesis. First none of Steve Jobs or Steve Wozniak, the founders of Apple are gay. Then the color of the rainbow is raised as a symbol by gay Americans started in 1978 and the logo was already created (see below). And finally, the colors have disappeared from the logo as proof of what this symbol is not what the firm wants.

To conclude this second hypothesis is not serious. The apple refers to Newton discovering gravity when he stood under a tree and an apple falls on his head.

Apple logos over time