Her slimness recipe makes her millionaire

Jackie Cox became a millionaire thanks to his slimming recipe, LighterLife, that celebrities have adopted. What makes doubtful, is when we see the last photos from who invented this recipe!

The LighterLife method on her website, Ligtherlife.com, which exhibits photos of obese women become as thin as models.

Beware of these "before-after" photos, sometimes chronological order has been reversed!

The site offers for $66 a week to help you become as thin as Naomi Watts, this by changing your eating habits. Bluejean.fr shows how to achieve this for free, by following the best diet possible.

Lighterlife offers a diet of ultra low calorie rates, around 500 per day. Group therapy help patients to cope. (And physicians will help them to relieve after that.)

The result is an extraordinary weight loss.
However, it has sparked controversy. Patients have complained of losing their hair and teeth. Cardiac disorders have emerged. Some became anorexic and died. A mother died from drinking too much water as it was advised by the regime.

You can check in any case on the long term, that the plans that want to change your diet too drastically, in depriving yourself too hard, lead to the opposite result. And they also have adverse health outcomes which is also the case of Jackie Cox.

She had invented the program itself. Since that she retired in the Bahamas.

Jackie Cox in the Bahamas. Do as I say, not what I do!