Choose a camera and learn how to use it

Here we are dedicated to cameras as complements to smartphones to capture moments and bring them into eternity.
Smartphones now have amazing capabilities for image quality, especially in low light. Yet camera makers are as interested in these new technologies, software essentially, that the Incas were interested in the progress that the conquistadors could bring them. But in the face of the rising tide of smartphones in photography, cameras still offer unparalleled ease of use and autonomy and remain relevant for prolonged use.

In 2019 optical zoom comes to smartphones

Thanks to the telescope technology, a 10x optical zoom becomes possible and this from this year.

The illusion of cheap zoom: Opteka 500mm or 650-1300mm

These lens are fascinating because of their low price compared to the brand lenses. Should we buy them?

Which bridge camera with big zoom to choose?

Canon SX70 vs Panasonic FZ82 vs Nikon P900 vs Kodak AZ901, full comparison.

Which is the best camera for a trip?

Comparing the Sony DSC-HX90, Nikon Coolpix A900, Panasonic Lumix DMC ZS70/TZ90, Canon Powershot SX740.

Which hybrid camera to buy?

Hybrid have a large sensor to shot in the dark, and interchangeable lenses. This is the only type of camera whose sales are always growing.

Canon EOS M50 vs Sony A6500

The two most popular hybrid cameras. Which one should I buy?

The quality of vintage camera lenses

How to make good images almost for free... if you choose the right model.

What lens for my camera?

List of all lens mounts and corresponding cameras.

Characteristics of camera lenses by acronyms

For each brand of objectives, the acronyms make it possible to choose a model according to its essential characteristics.

FHD Zoom offers you a new unit of measure to evaluate the effective zoom of cameras!