Tomorrowland, in photos in your city

This alternative world that the film shows, try to find it around you ...

The film tells the story of Casey Newton, who discovers a pin with the capacity to make her see an alternative, magnificent world, unrelated to the sordid world of his daily life. This magic object, you can have it, in the form of a camera, if you take the short time to find the right subjects, the right lighting and the right composition ...

Casey is amazed by the beauty of this parallel world, and wonders how to get into this city which has nothing to do with the one she knew until then ...

A parallel world exists

There has to be some sort of air terminal that allows you to cross the space and access the alternative world.

It remains to find the embarkation point

Casey soon had a clue. There is a shop that sells weird items and where she could find out the answer.

A boutique can provide a lead

But things go wrong, the two humanoid robots posing as sellers are even more interested than she is in discovering the key to the other world and she must escape this threat.

She must convince a scientist with a rather difficult approach that he must help her. He himself comes from this world. Thanks to him she will eventually achieve her goals and enter the parallel world.

An eccentric scientist knows the embarkation point

She finally discovers the city seen thanks to the pin, which actually is an advertising technological object showing a trailer!

She finally discovers the alternative world

She is taken to the command center. Difficult to convince the master of this place too that humanity in our world deserves to be saved. You will have to force his hand!

She arrives at the command center

The continuation and the outcome, you will discover them in the film (people actually have had a fatal fate for having revealed the end of a book, so I prefer to keep the suspense...)

This story was illustrated with photos taken in my city - even the photo-drawings. Now it's up to you to take your camera and bring up the parallel world that is in your city ...