Canon EF-M 11-22mm vs EF-S 10-18: comparison with images

Does the 11-22 offer better image quality as some claim?

Canon EF-M 11-22 vs EFS 10-18

1) Comparison of extreme focal lengths

Canon 10-18 at 10mm on X-E3:

Canon 10-18 10mm

Canon 11-22 at 11mm on M6:

Canon 11-22 11mm

We see that a difference in focal length of 1 mm is enough to prevent the subject from being fully framed when we cannot choose the shooting location.

Canon 10-18 at 18mm:

Canon 10-18 18mm

Canon 11-22 at 22mm:

Canon 11-22 22mm

The longer focal length of the 11-22 enlarges the subject a little. Is it so important?

2) Image resolution comparison

Canon 10-18 memorial Canon 11-22 memorial
Canon 10-18 Canon 11-22
Canon 10-18 zoom Canon 11-22 zoom
Canon 10-18 zoom Canon 11-22 zoom

The 11-22 looks a bit sharper in these images. The difference is not significant though.


Both lenses offer the same level of distortion. The image resolution is very close. It's the same when comparing the 11-22 to the 15-45 from Canon at 15, 18 and 22mm focal lengths, but for corners which are a bit softer on the 15-45. This is confirmed by the resolution tests carried out by Optical Limits on the same 24MP sensor.
Unfortunately, we cannot compare their test of the 10-18 carried out on an older 15MP sensor.

The 11-22 has the advantage of a compact size, very practical when carrying two cameras or a camera with several lenses to cover all focal lengths. However, it imposes the same locking system as the 15-45 which is annoying to use.

The 10-18 will take up more space but it can be adapted to APS-C cameras from Fuji and Sony or M43 with an adapter like the Fringer. It doesn't work with the Sigma MC-11 but with another adapter it can replace the Sony 10-18 which is decentered most of the time.
It has a command to switch to manual focus or to deactivate stabilization unlike the 11-22.

As for the quality of the images, it is equivalent most of the time and depends infinitely more on the composition and the luminosity than on the differences between these lenses.