Choose a camera according to the sensor

Which one has the best dynamic range and the best ISO sensitivity?

These values are provided by the Photons Stop Photo site for a set of cameras from which we have chosen those included in the comparisons on the site, plus some full-frame cameras added for comparison. Camera are ranked according to the dynamic range, from best to lowest.

Recall that the dynamic range is the index of the ability to clearly reproduce both the lightest and darkest areas in an image, and the ISO sensitivity the ability to see clearly in low light. Dymamic range is more useful for landscape while ISO score est relevant to sport and action.

Dynamic range with Fuji X-E3
Benefit of dynamic range on the Fujifilm X-E3


Brand Model Sensor Dynamic Range ISO
Sony A7 III Full frame 11.60 6420
Sony A7 C Full frame 11.59 6274
Sony A7 R II Full frame 11.42 5857
Nikon Z 5 Full frame 11.35 4099
Sony A7 II Full frame 11.16 3863
Sony A6600 APS-C 10.97 2929
Canon R Full frame 10.63 4675
Sony A6100 APS-C 10.54 2521
Nikon Z 50 APS-C 10.53 2406
Sony A6400 APS-C 10.51 2470
Fujifilm X-T30 / ~X-S10 APS-C 10.47 3645
Panasonic Lumix G9 Micro 4/3 10.30 2703
Fujifilm X-E3 APS-C 10.24 3610
Sony A6000 APS-C 10.24 2088
Canon M6 Mark II APS-C 10.08 2253
Sony A7 R II APS-C Crop mode 10.05 2772
Sony A5100 APS-C 9.89 1968
Canon M50 APS-C 9.84 1409
Panasonic Lumix ZS/TZ 100 1" 9.80 915
Panasonic Lumix GX9 Micro 4/3 9.75 1860
Olympus OM-DE-M1 III Micro 4/3 9.74 2472
Canon M6 APS-C 9.73 1311
Olympus OM-DE-M5 III Micro 4/3 9.69 2475
Fujifilm X-T200 APS-C 9.59 1910
Olympus OM-DE-M10 III Micro 4/3 9.46 2103
Canon RP Full frame 9.11 4074
Sony RX 10 IV 1" 9.05 723
Sony RX 100 VI 1" 8.81 737

When it comes to ISO sensitivity, full frame sensors are the best. However Fujifilms equipped with X-Trans sensors are rated very well for both dynamic range and ISO. This is not the case with the X-T200 which has a classic quad Bayer sensor.
The RF-mounted Canon RP wins over APS-C cameras in ISO sensitivity, but it ranks behind all Micro 4/3s on dynamic range criteria!

Dxomark gives a better ISO score to RP than to R. Here is a list of some cameras, sorted by ISO score.

Brand Model Sensor DR ISO
Sony A7 III Full frame 14.7 3730
Sony A7 R II Full frame 13.9 3434
Sony A7C Full frame 14.7 3407
Nikon Z6 Full frame 14.3 3299
Canon RP Full frame 11.9 2978
Canon R Full frame 13.5 2742
Sony A7 II Full frame 13.6 2449
Sony A6600 APS-C 13.4 1497
Sony A6400 APS-C 13.6 1431
Sony A6000 APS-C 13.1 1347
Sony A5100 APS-C 12.7 1347
Canon M6 APS-C 12.6 1317
Olympus E-M1 II Micro 4/3 12.8 1312
Olympus E-M10 II Micro 4/3 12.5 842
Sony RX10 III 1" 12.6 472
Sony RX100 VII 1" 12.4 418

When a full frame camera is used in APS-C mode, with a full frame or APS-C lens, the dynamic range remains about the same, but the ISO sensitivity is halved.
Note that the dynamic range difference between sensors tends to decrease when increasing ISO. The dynamic range of RP drops significantly less than others from ISO 400 and it ranks much better then.
The ISO score is actually the more important factor to consider of the two.

Source Photons Stop Photos. Compare the evolution of the dynamic range as a function of the ISO sensitivity.

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