How to extend the life of a razor?

Razors have more and more blades and last less and less long. But there is a trick to prolong their existence, with blue jeans ...

  1. Get an old pair of jeans.
  2. Pass several times the blade on the tissue in the opposite direction of the cut (the video shows it clearly).
  3. They are sharp again!

The lifetime is several-fold, and make them last up to one year with some models.

Extend the duration of a razor with blue jeans

Explanation: The blades are extremely thin, they do not blunt, they become twisted on the cutting edge. This operation has the effect to make them straight again.

This Youtube video is currently very popular on the web, you can expect a drop in revenues of manufacturers of razors for this quarter!
What they will try to compensate by offering razor with 10 blades!