How to get rid of cockroaches?

The anti-cockroaches are never very effective. They are toxic to humans. On the sprayer, it is written: open windows to ventilate the room and go out after use.

But unfortunately one tends to spray the product when one discovers a nest of cockroaches and one not always have time enough to leave the room ...

You should know that besides the commercial products, that have not interest to be truly effective (as long as there are cockroaches, one has to buy them), there are simple and inexpensive ways to get rid completely of cockroaches.

The free cockroach trap

No need to buy one of these very expensive commercial products, we can make a little trap for almost anything:

1. A carafe (US $5).
2. A can of beer (60 cents).

Fill the carafe with water almost to the sloping wall, and add beer. Cockroaches fall into the liquid because of the fumes or slippery walls and are unable to climb the wall, they drown. After a week you can get rid of the contents in the toilet.

This trap eliminates some of the cockroaches but is not sufficient in itself to get rid of them completely.

A poison effective against cockroaches

Boric acid is best known poison against cockroaches. We bought it in pharmacy for almost nothing. It makes them sterile or poisoned if they eat a lot.

  1. Bag of boric acid (US$ 3)
  2. Condensed milk ($ 2).
  3. Cinnamon.
  4. Nail brush, soap.

A dough is made by mixing boric acid with condensed milk and some cinnamon. It should be quite firm.
You put balls of pasta in places favored by cockroaches, but where children are unlikely to find them. Under the pipes, behind the refrigerator, in the corners of furniture.

Then wash your hands thoroughly with soap and nails too...

Most of the time, this product totally eliminates cockroaches provided that you also take the following precautions:

  1. Replace the pedal bin by a bin garden perfectly airtight. This is actually the key point to get a result with the poison.
  2. Put in plastic boxes all that is consumable, including bread.
  3. Thoroughly clean floors and tabletops to remove any food debris.

The only caveat is if your house is near other homes that are not treated, migration is to be feared and the scourge may reappear.

The professional solution

Companies use highly effective gel products. They are now available for individuals also on sites like Amazon. For about thirty euros, we get this gel (I tried the brand Advion successfully) that is deposited in a small amount in places where we find cockroaches.
After a week they will be totally eradicated. But with the same reservations as before: they can still slowly come again from neighboring apartments.