Optical illusions

What we know is what we see. But discovering that what we see is an illusion let us discover what we know is limited by the nature of our perception.

A shadow hangs over our perception

What we see is a couple trying to meditate quietly. But is it reality? By clicking on the image, we see that it is quite another thing!

Which way the dancer turns?

In the direction of clockwise or counterclockwise? In fact depending on how you will place on the left or right, she will appear to rotate in one direction or another and she may even appear to change direction of rotation when you direct the gaze to a different point ...

A hidden image in another

Each of these three images represent two different things, depending on how you look at it ...

A team of variable size

This team is 12 or 13 players when a portion of the image is moved.


You can never be sure of what we see.