A thinking on intelligence

Isaac Asimov himself tells a story to think about the issue.

Isaac Asimoz, a science fiction writer and science popularizer, has always had amazing results in IQ tests.

This impressed the employees when he passed the tests of the army, who had discussed it at length before sending him to put on a uniform and make the seal in front of a guardhouse.

He tells this anecdote to a reporter:

One day, a vendor tells him this story...

"A deaf-mute goes into a shop to buy nails." He puts his hand on the counter, two fingers spread and gestures with the other hand to tap on.
The seller gives him a hammer, but the other makes a gesture of denial, and shows his fingers.
Then the employee gives him nails and he goes away with what he wanted."

Then the guy asks Asimoz:

"What would a blind man do to get a pair of scissors?"

Asimov imitates the movement of scissors by the gesture of two fingers which open and close.

And the guy laughs:

"No, he's just asking. He can talk."

And he adds:

"I was sure I would have tricked you. Most persons give the right answer, but you're too cultured to be smart!"